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OMV Refinery Schwechat: No indication of sabotage – no investigations by the Directorate of State Protection and Intelligence Service

Following several unsubstantiated media reports about an alleged act of sabotage at the Schwechat refinery in June 2022, OMV immediately contacted the Directorate of State Protection and Intelligence Service (DSN). It was made clear once again that during investigations into the cause of the accident by internal and external experts, no evidence of sabotage was found. 

Accordingly, DSN has confirmed to OMV that there is no investigation.


During the legally required water pressure test as part of the final work of the OMV Refinery Schwechat turnaround, the crude oil distillation unit suffered substantial damage after a mechanical accident on June 3, 2022. This plant prepares most of the crude oil into its components and thus prepares it for further processing in the refinery. As a result, only 20% of the total refinery capacity could be used. OMV plans to return the Schwechat refinery to full operation in the first half of October.