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We, OMV GAS, are a powerful natural gas trading company that has enjoyed longstanding success in northwest and southeast Europe together with our local customers. 

Demand on the European market for climate-friendly natural gas is set to rise as the result of the move away from coal. Together with the sharp growth in demand for imports, higher market potential is expected in the medium and long term. This is why our gas sales should rise to more than 20 billion cubic meters by 2025. We will achieve this goal through a range of measures including: 

  • Maintaining the strong market position in Austria 
  • Securing market share of 10 percent in Germany by 2025 
  • Expanding our position as a niche provider in Hungary 
  • Establishing ourselves as a powerful player in the Netherlands and Belgium 
  • Observing additional potential markets in northwest and southeast Europe 

We will build on our strengths as one of the leading Austrian suppliers of natural gas on the B2B market and thereby realign our strategy far beyond Austria’s borders. With our OMV sister companies in Romania and Turkey, we are also available for you with our expertise on these markets. 

As an OMV subsidiary, we are part of an international group that is active on the market in everything from the borehole and gas imports through to the end customer. We plan to feed additional equity gas volumes from Norway and Romania into the European grid. The construction of Nord Stream 2 is of major strategic importance to OMV. Together with the Central European Gas Hub in Baumgarten and the pipeline network of Gas Connect Austria, it will secure continual, long-term gas flows to Europe. 

The integrated value chain, our international experience in trading and access to the most important trading platforms, as well as our longstanding partnerships with international producers, form the basis for expanding our direct sales business on an international basis. 

Security of supply will continue to play a key role for OMV GAS well into the future. Necessary steps in this regard include diversification in terms of source gas, transport channels and the length of contracts. 

Our strategy rests on the following pillars: 

  • Identifying and developing the most attractive markets for expanding our portfolio 
  • Expanding and managing our sales, distribution and supply positions 
  • Managing the complex support logistics 
  • Expanding and managing a trading organization 
  • Maximizing the integrated value added by optimizing the portfolio